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Toastmaster Programmes

The Toastmasters International educational programme consists of two tracks:

New members usually join Toastmasters and begin on the Communication Track, and later on participate in the Leadership Track. When you have completed the requirements for both tracks, you are eligible to apply for the Distinguished Toastmaster Award.

The Communication Track

This track is dedicated to improving speaking and listening skills. The core of the communication track is the Competent Communicator manual which contains 10 speech projects. Every new member is given this manual, and three other mini-manuals when they join Toastmasters:

Once you've completed the Competent Communicator manual you move on to the Advanced Manuals. Click here for more information on these.

The Leadership Track

This track focuses on development of leadership skills through a variety of club activities. When you join Toastmasters you will receive the Competent Leader Manual containing a variety of leadership projects for you to complete.

You can serve as a Club leader, developing skills in planning, training, motivating, and managing. You even can become a District Leader, where these skills are further enhanced.

You also can participate in the "High Performance Leadership" programme which requires you to conduct a project of your choice in which you serve as a leader, and you can sponsor or mentor a new club. The programme provides study material and activities to complete.


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